Dylan Bowman.

Software Engineer, Photographer, and Musician

Dylan Bowman

BS in Computer Science, Game Development Programming

Chapman University

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Background: BS In Computer Science / Game Development Programming, Chapman University, class of 2019

Languages: Python, C#, C++, Java, Apex, JavaScript

Interests: Data Analytics/Machine Learning, Home Automation, CRM


I am a developer on the Salesforce Platform with Software Anywhere, focusing on process automation tools such as Process Builder and Flow, as well as creating custom components on the Lightning Experience Framework to meet client needs.


In my spare time, I develop video games both with small studios and on my own. I also work on applications targeting small form-factor hardware, such as the Raspberry Pi, for home/life automation.



Background: High School Yearbook Editor, Newsroom Intern

Equipment: Canon Rebel SL1

Interests: Landscape Photography, Long-Exposure Photography


Background: 10 years experience in Guitar, 4 years experience in DJing

Software: Ableton Live, Mixxx

Interests: Alternative Rock (Emo, Punk, Ska), Electronic (Future Bass, Bass House, Trap)


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